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Negotiate down debt and get affordable payments

Are you struggling with debt? Are you considering bankruptcy but worried about the costs and how it will affect your credit? Pelican Law offers a more affordable and expedited bankruptcy process, with same day signing available. We also offer financial coaching to help get you back on your feet. Let us help you get relief from your debts and start fresh!

  • Standard Benefit 1

    We're the most affordable bankruptcy firm in town.

  • Standard Benefit 2

    We offer same day signings.

  • Standard Benefit 3

    We have a financial coaching program to help people who don't need bankruptcy, but still need financial assistance.

  • Emotional Benefit 1

    You'll be able to get out of debt faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Emotional Benefit 2

    You'll have access to expert financial advice so you can get back on your feet financially.

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